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Mission Statement

The mission of The Vasa Group Inc. of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is to provide quality consulting, training, and strategic & business planning services to our clients. The company will provide products and services that meet the specific needs of our clients in an accessible and responsive manner.

The Vasa Group Inc. will work in close partnership with our clients, and the clients' entire organization to help transform themselves and overcome the roadblocks to success. The company is committed to helping reduce the barriers between strategic vision and real marketplace results. It will be our hallmark as a client-focused organization to be totally absorbed by the challenges of helping our clients achieve exceptional and sustainable results. We will accomplish these goals through the development of custom strategic plans, unique business plans and tailored management training and measurement programs.

The Vasa Group Inc. will focus on organizations seeking new enterprise development, small to medium size business expansion, financial institutions seeking consultative, training, and strategic & business planning services, banker associations seeking unique training products & seminars, and companies (both financial and non-financial) challenged by a changing marketplace.

The Vasa Group Inc. will provide a challenging and rewarding work environment that will promote personal growth, retain experienced personnel and create a team spirit.